Thursday, 15 October 2009

Display shelf in the Belstaff detail of the interior in Glsgow 2

Display shelf in the Belstaff

Location: Belstaff
Ground Floor of the Princess Square
48 Buchanan St, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G1, UK

The display case in Belstaff is really interesting. Unlike the other display cases, the spotlights are fixed inside each individual layer. Each layer is made of clear acrylic board which is really thick, and then a very small gap is just cut from the back side for placing a string of spot lights in between the acrylic. Then the wire for the spotlights is tightly fixed on the left side of the acrylic board which makes the shelf tidy and clean. What’s more there is a slide of mental fixed on the back top of the acrylic board in covering the light, therefore, it won’t be too dazzling over each layer. The front side is not done scrubbed for the string of the spotlights in the back.

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