Thursday, 15 October 2009

Makintosh Mirror Detail of the Interior in Glasgow 1

The Makintosh mirror

Location: house of an art lover
Dumbreck Rd Glasgow, G4,
United Kingdom
0141 353 4791

The makintosh mirror is on the wall of the art lover’s house.
The mirror comes together with the stained glass looked decoration. This piece of decoration is made of white ceramics and a different shade of pink-painted glasses. Each of them are all separated which means they’re all driven into
the wall in a mosaic way. Then a kind of gel material is used in filling the gaps between the wall and the glasses (mirrors as well as the ceramics) which makes the different pieces a whole one.

The small mirror then becomes a part of the female face and the roses which is not only functional but also beautiful.

Since using the gel material, the mirror-used decoration is well connected itself, what’s more, the whole piece if well fixed on the wall.

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