Monday, 12 October 2009

Let's talk about interior.

Get a standard of what a fine interior is, then become a good interior designer.

What a fine interior design is? I would like to say it's more like a debate.

Objectively it's the one between the aesthetic n functional subjectively it's the one between a designer n customers. But sometimes it does not have 2 be a certain customer, it can be a brief something.
What's more in this debate there is no certain answer like I win U lose.

The diagram above shows the association in between.
What is functional? When it comes this question I do think that we need a really good conception about that. Functional can be environmental-friendly, multi-used, sustainable-developed, user-friendly, etc.
Sometimes we question Y it is functional. It's better 2 answer this in 2 different ways.
First from the site of the interior itself. If what we design can solve the problems which were there in that certain site like the lighting wetness temperature and then what we do is functional. What's more, sometimes the exterior should be well considered as a important part. Coz what we do for the interior should meet the need of the exterior 2 make a real function. In another way, it's really necessary considering the facade facing direction of the exterior when designing the interior.
Second what we do inside as detailing does make sense. The lay out of the whole inner space, the way how 2 set the facilities furnitures decorations all play a functional roles in the whole sapce.

As 2 aesthetic, It should be attractive 2 us. It's something which is eye-catching. But only "attractive" is not enough. A really aesthetic should be stylish. As a interior designer, it's just important 2 get our own styles. Then how 2 make it a aesthetic one becomes the thing. Basically, they're all shown by the colors the material the fabric and the lighting, etc.

C the debate between the customers and the designer, somtimes it just feels like that it's exacly a debate. Coz what a designer have 2 do is just 2 convice the customers by what they've been designed. One thing which is pretty important is the economic sector. It can be the money but sometimes it can be anything what we've already got 4 the design. Since that, what we have 2 do is making the most what we've got.

We have a spirit for this battle as well which is everything is originally from the brief n then above the brief.

If all these requirements are well considered 4 a interior, then it'll be a really fabby one.

  • Design Process
This pic down shows the way I design.Briefing and Working are supposed 2 be the 2 different stages in my design process.
If the design process is describled as a ballet n then all the words in the pic are the ways in keeping the balance of the body.

What I'm gonna emphasize is Design is not a one-way system which means 4 me it's really inportant always going back critically 2 what Iv done. What's more being steady is necessary.

Last but not least, every project is continuing whcih means a final review doesnt mean a finish.

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